Generation John Paul 2

Following an example of youth in France, where on January 6th, 2001 at Sacre Coeur Basilica in Montmarte, a new group Generation John Paul II was born, we, the youth of Stalowa Wola, Poland would love to establish a similar group. We desire to really live like John Paul II taught us and we would like continue to inform young people about his teachings so that they may desire to live according to his teachings as well. The Holy Father said, “If you become, who you are supposed to become, you can light up the whole world” during Youth Day in France in 2000. These words became the motto of the French group and also our motto. At this point, we are not a formal group but a spontaneous group still forming. Our actions come from our hearts. We know one thing; we desire God’s presence in our private, public, economic and political lives. Our drivers include: -Eucharist -Blessed Mother – Surrender to her completely the way John Paul II surrendered. -Living according to John Paul II’s teachings We welcome all to join us at our meetings: middle and high school students, college students, those working, unemployed, young couples, priests, sisters – we all belong to “Generation JP2” Mass on Friday, May 27th at 6 p.m. in Stalowa Wola will commence our meeting. If you live in Stalowa Wola, please attend if you like. If you live in another town, please send me an e-mail – let me know if a similar group is forming where you live. We need to unite, not only in Stalow Wola but in Poland, other nations and globally. We will keep in touch, like our friends from France using internet and cell phones. After our meeting on May 27th, we will have a following one in Czestochowa at the throne of the Blessed Mother – more information will follow at the meeting and the website.
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